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Bitten twice,the postman refused to . 这里的Bitten不是表被动吗?为什么不用B

Bitten twice,the postman refused to . 这里的Bitten不是表被动吗?为什么不用Being bitten?
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Being bitten 和 bitten 都是被动,意思一样

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两者可以随意互换, 没有更细区别

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1. The players (seleted) from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game. 2. The hotel (being bulit) now beside the park was designed by a group of young men. 括号中这两个都是后置定语吗?都表被动?问题是:什么时候有BE什么时候没BE啊? 这个问题道理也是一样的对吗?

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其实 seleted 是从句who were selected的一部分 being bulit 也是从句的一部分which is being bulit

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那上两句中 的 selected可以换成be selected吗 being built可以换成built吗? 不好意思哈 问了这么多

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现在分词being bitten强调正在进行,此处bitten表被动表完成,相当于Having been bitten




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