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英语翻译盐酸松齐拉敏(Thonzylamine Hydrochloride)是一种乙二胺类抗过敏药物,该药品在美国等有上

盐酸松齐拉敏(Thonzylamine Hydrochloride)是一种乙二胺类抗过敏药物,该药品在美国等有上市,但是在我国尚未有该药物的相关研究.本文通过对盐酸松齐拉敏的化学合成以及工艺研究,为中试提供实验基础.以2-氨基嘧啶和对甲氧基氯苄为原料,经烃基化反应生成一取代的N-(4-甲氧基苄基)-2-氨基嘧啶,N-(4-甲氧基苄基)-2-氨基嘧啶再与二甲氨基氯乙烷在叔丁醇钾的碱性环境下生成松其拉敏碱,最后松其拉敏碱与盐酸成盐得到盐酸松其拉敏.
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盐酸松齐拉敏(Thonzylamine Hydrochloride)是一种乙二胺类抗过敏药物,该药品在美国等有上市,但是在我国尚未有该药物的相关研究.
Thonzylamine Hydrochloride is an Ethylenediamine-type antihistamine medicine. This medicine is commercially available in counties such as the United States. But there has not been a relavant research in China yet.
This article provides experiment bases for pilotscale experiments through investigating the chemical synthesis process of Thonzylamine Hydrochloride.
The alkylation between 2-Amino-pyrimidine and 1-Chloromethyl-4-methoxybenzene(或者alpha-Chloro-4-methoxytoluene ) produces a substitution product named N-(4-methoxy-benzyl)-2-Amino-pyrimidine,
N-(4-甲氧基苄基)-2-氨基嘧啶再与二甲氨基氯乙烷在叔丁醇钾的碱性环境下生成松其拉敏碱,which in turn reacts with 2-dimethylamino-chloroethane in the alkaline environment of potassium tert-butoxide generating thonzylamine alkali.
Finally, this alkali reacts with hydrochloric acid producing Thonzylamine Hydrochloride.


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