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Eighth-grader Victoria Bills is talking about money with her

Eighth-grader Victoria Bills is talking about money with her classmates. She is worried that a company’s stock (股票) price could fall. It may be an unusual topic of conversation for a 13-year-old. But at Bills’ school in Chicago, US, you hear it all the time.
The Chicago school’s 420 students learn about economic(经济学). They also get a chance to make money. Each 1 st grade and 5 th grade, students learn the basics of economics and investing(投资).
Then in 6 th grade, they put what they’ve learned to work. Students join a junior group that manages the $20,000. The group, made up of 12 to 14 students, decides which stocks to buy.
After graduating, students pass on $20,000 to the next 1 st grade class. They keep half of the rest of the money; the other half goes toward improving the school. They can choose to put their money in a college-savings program or take the cash.
In 2007, Bills suggested that her class buy the stock of the Apple computer company. This was just before the iPhone came out. “We bought stock just at the right time,” she says. The kids bought Google stock as it reached $400 a share. It is now worth over $500. “It was a good buy,” says Myles Gate, 13. He hopes to be a banker one day.
The school’s two graduating classes of 2005 and 2006 have each earned about $10,000 in profits(利润).
小题1: At Bills’ school, students can’t .
A.learn the basics of economics B.learn how to invest money
C.get a chance to make money D.share all the money they make
小题2: Who manages the $20,000 in the class?
A.The teachers. B.The school.
C.The students. D.The parents.
小题3:Google stock the kids bought has reached more than ______ at present.
A.$500 B.$400
C.$10,000 D.$20,000
小题4:According to Paragraph 5, we know that .
A.Bills’ class bought the Apple stock after the iphone came out
B.it was a mistake for the class to buy Google stock
C.the students get some investing experience in the school
D.the class bought the two kinds of stocks at the same time
小题5: What’s the passage mainly about?
A.How students make money in the US.
B.Students learn economics and investing at school.
C.Myles Gage hopes to be a banker one day.
D.What US students hope to do after graduation.
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